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To prove his innocence, she’ll have to believe the impossible.

Series: Officer Kate Murphy Mystery, a Technothriller Prequel Novel


Officer Kate Murphy’s uncle is like a father to her. When he’s arrested for murder, she’s his only hope.

After a few off-the-record conversations with Luke, an awkwardly attractive forensic technician, Kate knows something doesn’t add up. And when a host of politicians and homeless people begin to die all over the Northeast, Kate suspects they’re somehow connected to her uncle’s case.

To prove the innocence of the man who took her in after her parents were murdered, Kate must make an incredible leap of faith. But she’s not prepared for the stunning discovery that calls everything into question: Scientists have developed new technologies that encroach on our civil liberties, blur the lines between right and wrong, and turn our societal ethics upside down. They’ve created their own private army to cull the herd and reshape our world.

The Last Hope is a gripping mystery with some sci-fi elements and a dash of romance. If you like mind-bending whodunits, sizzling sex scenes, and tenacious heroines, then you’ll love this thrilling read.